Sustainable Development

  Assignment Name and Brief Description  
  Assignment Name: Sustainable Development Strategy

Brief Description: Development of a sustainable strategy plan for three of its host communities
  Assignment Name: Develop Community Development Plan (CDP) for ALFREN host communities in Npo LGA

Brief Description: We were commissioned to develop a CDP for their host communities

  Assignment Name: Provision of Niger Delta Post Graduate Scholarship Consultancy
Brief Description: Consultancy services for students of three Niger Delta States (Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers States)
  Assignment Name: Provision of Community Relations Support Services for Nembe Creek Communities (Swamp 2)

Brief Description: We provide continuous proactive Community Relations services in the assigned area.
  Assignment Name: Implementation of Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) Project.

Brief Description: We are facilitators of the project in 2 clusters which is made up of 13 SPDC host communities. By the GMoU agreement, SPDC will fund community development projects which the communities will implement through CTs and CDBs. Under the GMoU the people will now be in charge of their own development, thus making them take charge of the pace of growth and development in their communities.
  Assignment Name: Provision of Community Relations Support Services for Activities of the Afam Integrated Gas and Power Project (AIGPP)

Brief Description: We are responsible for the identification of potential threats and issues and bring those to the attention of SPDC promptly.
  Assignment Name: Micro Finance Institution for the RVSG-NAPEP Multi Partner Micro Finance Programme.

Brief Description: We are responsible for managing the programme which involved short listing applications from 2 Local Governments in Rivers State and disbursing micro credit to the short listed applicants.
  Assignment Name:  Management of Revolving Micro Credit Schemes.

Brief Description: We are responsible for selection and training of beneficiaries, training/capacity building of the Scheme Management Committee (SMC), loan disbursement/recovery and monitoring and supervision of the scheme for one year in Elem – Sangama (Akuku Toru LGA of Rivers State), Umuorie and  Uzuaku (Ukwa West LGA of Abia State) and Offiomin Ama (Okrika LGA of Rivers State)
    Assignment Name: Consultancy Services for Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation of Micro Credit Project in 44 communities in Rivers State. Brief Description: We were responsible for supervising, monitoring and evaluating micro credit projects in 44 communities in Rivers State. The assignment included: - monthly physical inspection of business assets to ascertain functionality, - Ascertaining existence of functional Scheme Management Committees (SMCs), - Monthly physical inspection of loan financed businesses as well as beneficiaries - Ascertain SMCs and beneficiaries proper business record keeping for accuracy, relevance and consistency - Ascertain sustainability through the implementation of business plans, monitor and confirm the volume and stability of market for the project. -Ascertain improved management skills and process for effectiveness - Ascertain training needs analysis and identified competency gaps through continuous monitoring and supervision.  
  Assignment Name: Consultancy Service to Design a Community Interface Model for SPDC

Brief Description: We were part of a Team that developed new Community Interface Model for SPDC. The model was to be deployed in the Niger Delta Region. The work also included the model implementation framework and budget. Our Managing Director was part of the team that presented this to Rivers State Government.

Assignment Name: Consultancy Service for Sustainable Community Development (SCD) Transition Study.

Brief Description: To develop the framework, strategy that would facilitate a clear and coherent framework for implementing SCD transition to communities' leadership and ownership of interventions. Reduce SPDC involvement in project implementation transparency on all sides in terms of actual spend and resource management, sustainable financing mechanisms, products modeling that would enhance SPDC's corporate image, reduce multiplicity of project types and ability to deliver on SPDC's corporate social responsibility and reduction in turn around time for SCD project delivery attributable to the company's internal processes.
  Assignment Name: Reconnaissance Visit to 17 Gbaran Communities Community Development (SCD) Transition Study.

Brief Description:  The reconnaissance visit was to facilitate SPDC's negotiations on a new Memorandum of Understanding with 17 communities of the Gbaran Integrated Oil and Gas Project (IOGP) in Bayelsa State. SPDC's Economic Empowerment (EE) proposed a programme for implementation in the communities based on community demands and reports on Participatory Rural Assessments (PRAs) conducted in the communities between 2001 and 2003. In the current MOU, community demands differ in some cases from the PRA reports, therefore, there was a need to carry out a reconnaissance visit to the communities to align the current demands and the PRA reports.
  Assignment Name: Business Literacy Training for Cawthorne Channel Integrated Community Transport Projects.

Brief Description:  The training was to equip Amabakiri and Ojekiri Marine Transport Project Management Committees (PMCs) with requisite skills for the efficient management of the enterprise, sensitise the PMCs on the roles and responsibilities as active partners to SPDC in the implementation of the projects, assist the PMCs develop their Business Plans to guide their operations and to provide an avenue for a harmonious working relationship between SPDC and the Communities
  Assignment Name: Revolving Loan Scheme Management Workshop for Apex Farmers of Nigeria (AFAN) Rivers State Chapter.

Brief Description:  In recognition of the need to enhance the productive capacities of AFAN members, the Rivers State Government approved a grant of N23,000,000 to the association which was aimed at helping the members increase their working capital and consequently expand the sale and size of existing farms and businesses. To actualise this purpose, AFAN established a revolving agricultural loan scheme and requested the Economic Empowerment (EE) Team Team of SPDC to train both officials and beneficiaries of the association. As Trainers and Consultants to the EE, they decided to engage our services to buid the capacity of these farmers to assist them identify agro based business opportunities that can be supported by AFAN, understand and prepare simple business accounts as well as identify and explain the requirements for a successful revolving loan.
  Assignment Name: After-Care Management of SPDC's 2004 Graduated Micro – Credit Schemes.

Brief Description: Monthly visits, Training, Monitoring and Supervision of:
  • Ohuru No 1. Farmers Co-operative Society, Ohuru, Ukwa-East LGA. Abia State.
  • Ikot-Iyire Farmers Co-operative Society, Ikot-Iyire, Ikot-Abasi LGA. Akwa Ibom State.
  • Ntitiebiban Farmers Co-operative Society, Okoroete, Eastern Obolo LGA. Akwa Ibom.
  • Bomalo-Oporoma Farmers Co-operative Society, Oporoma, Southern Ijaw LGA. Bayelsa State.
  • Bille Women Micro-Credit Scheme, Bille, Degema LGA. Rivers State
  • Idama Women Micro-Credit Scheme, Idama, Degema LGA. Rivers State.
  • Isile-Ogono Farmers Co-operative Society, Bonny LGA. Rivers State.
  • Legbalo-Biara Farmers Co-operative Society, Biara, Gokana LGA. Rivers State.
  • Letornu K-Dere Farmers Co-operative Society, K-Dere, Gokana LGA Rivers State.
  • Omuchi Women Micro-Credit Scheme, Igwuruta, Ikwerre LGA. Rivers State.
  • Omunike-Omunobo Women Micro-Credit Scheme, Igwuruta, Ikwerre LGA Rivers State.
  • Udo-Umuagbai Farmers Co-operative Society, Umuagbai, Oyigbo LGA. Rivers State.
  Assignment Name: Review of Oguta Youth Micro Credit Scheme and Egbema Micro Credit Scheme.

Brief Description:  SPDC embarked on a revolving loan scheme which was disbursed to youths in Oguta, and individuals in Egbema community both in Rivers State. We were consulted to review and verify work done and also make recommendations.
  Assignment Name: Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Based Enterprises  and Youths Enterprise projects

Brief Description: Monthly visits, adequate training, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of the following:
  • Ayaminima Marine Cargo Scheme, Ayaminima Community, Bonny LGA, Rivers State.
  • Buguma Marine Transport Scheme, Buguma Town, Asari-Toru LGA, Rivers State
  • Horsfall-Ama Marine Transport Scheme, Horsfall-Ama, Asari-Toru LGA, Rivers State.
  • Ibaka Marine Transport Scheme, Ibaka Community, Okrika LGA, Rivers State.
  • Iyokiri Marine Transport Scheme, Iyokiri-Ama, Okrika LGA, Rivers State.
  • Kuru-Ama Marine Transport Scheme, Kuru-Ama, Bonny LGA, Rivers State.
  • Offiomina-Ama Marine Transport Scheme, Offiomina-Ama, Okrika LGA, Rivers State.
  • Omudioga Land Transport Scheme, Omudioga Community, Emohua LGA, Rivers State.
  • Oguta Land Transport Scheme, Oguta LGA, Imo State.
  • Omueke Community Banking Scheme, Ikwerre LGA, Rivers State.
  • Opobo Marine Transport Scheme, Opobo Town, Opobo/Nkoro LGA, Rivers State.
  • Opolo Land Transport Scheme, Opolo Community, Yenagoa LGA, Bayelsa State.
Youth Enterprise Projects
  • Chokota Oil Palm Processing Mill, Chokota Community, Etche LGA, Rivers State.
  • Elele Alimini Oil Palm Processing Mill, Elele Alimini Town, Emohua LGA, Rivers State.
  • Obelle Oil Palm Processing Mill, Obelle Town, Ikwerre LGA, Rivers State.
  • Oguta Youth Fabrication and Business Support Center, Oguta Town, Oguta LGA, Imo State.
  • Oyigbo Business Center Scheme, Oyigbo Town, Oyigbo LGA, Rivers State.
  • Umorie-Asa Cold room Scheme, Umorie-Asa Community, Ngwa West LGA, Abia State.