SME Development


         International Finance Corporation (IFC)  
  • We are in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), private sector arm of the World Bank Group to provide management solutions to SMEs using Business Edge (BE) and SME Toolkit, two of its flagship products.        
  • Business EdgeTM offers a large choice of solution-oriented world-class content, specially adapted to address   the main management issues of small and medium-sized enterprises in 6 key business areas: Marketing Management, Finance & Accounting, General Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Personal Productivity Skills, Tourism & Hotel Management. These Management Solutions are driven by the needs identified in the beneficiaries and can assist in achieving individual firm’s objectives. 
  • SME Toolkit TM is a freely available online interactive program that leverages the latest information and communication technologies to help SMEs learn and implement sustainable management practices.            
          Bank of Industry’s (BOI)
  • We are one of Bank of Industry’s (BOI’s) Business Development Service Provider (BDSP) appointed to assist SMEs access funds for business start-up and expansion.

          Grofin International
  •  Wider Perspectives Limited in Partnership with Grofin International to aid in SME funding and support services

Client:Nathan Associates
Assignment Name: State Private Sector Policy and Institutional Mapping (SPPIM) 
Brief Description: We were commissioned to conduct a survey on the Private Sectors in Rivers State

Assignment Name: Developing of Model Business Plans.  
Brief Description: We were commissioned to develop Model Business Plans for start ups and other targeted SMEs

Assignment Name: Conducting Baseline Study on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Clusters in Cross Rivers State.
Brief Description:  We conducted baseline study on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Clusters including Marketing Chain, and designed Capacity Support for the Clusters.
Assignment Name: Identification of Capacity Gaps in the State Ministry of Trade and Investment and Strengthening of the Ministry to Provide Advisory Services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME) in Cross Rivers State(In association with Human Resources and Enterprises Development Associates Limited)

Client:Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency(SMEDAN)
Assignment Name: Blueprint for the Implementation of One Village One Product Scheme in Northern Nigeria
Brief Description: The One Village One Product Concept was based on the need to emphasize and promote development that is home-grown and nurtured based on available natural resources. The assignment therefore involved a survey of each local government area in Northern Nigeria to identify the existing resources and recommend viable SMEs that could be encouraged in these areas.

Client: Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)
Assignment Name: Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan - Micro and Small Enterprise Sector Study.
Brief Description: A review of the Existing Situation of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) as well as Informal Enterprises in the Region and Advise on Areas for Institutional Support and Capacity Development.

Client: Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises(NASME)
Assignment Name: Organizational Support for Establishment of Rivers State Chapter
Brief Description: Advising Executive, assisting with the organization launch which took place on September 07, 2004 and technical support for the establishment of a proposed Business Incubator.

Client: World Bank
Assignment Name: Nigerian Urban Youth Empowerment and Employment Programme (NUYEEP).
Brief Description:  Identification of youth empowerment and employment programmes in Rivers State and provide the necessary inputs for their successful implementation.
Assignment Name: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for South-South, Nigeria.
Brief Description: Identification and assessment of various types of shocks and key at risk groups in the Region. We also examined the characteristics of the groups and did risk mapping and ranking for the Region and identified risk management interventions (formal and informal) adopted by the groups.

Client:Shell Petroleum Development Company(SPDC)
Name: Livewire Business Enterprise Project
Brief Description: Commissioned by SPDC to train twenty four (24) young men and women from her neighboring communities on Enterprise Development 
Name: Business Enterprise Training for Community Contractors’ Personnel
Brief Description: We have been commissioned by SPDC to facilitate and implement the Business development training for its community contractors
Assignment Name: Facilitation of a Community Content Business Leadership and Business Clinics Workshop
Brief Description: Creating a forum for business owners to learn from successful Business moguls from the Niger Delta States.

Assignment Name: Business and Personal Development Programme.
Assignment Description: We were consulted to train forty five (45) CCs in basic project management and people management skills in order to effectively carry out their duties in delivering project and business management support to operators of the MTN Bizlift Program. The training held in Kaduna and Enugu.

Client:Abia State Government in Partnership with Diamond Bank
Assignment Name: Abia State SMEs Development Programme
Brief Description: We are implementing the Abia State SME Development Programme for SMEs in the State. The programme involves sensitization and selection of suitable SMEs using our selection criteria, capacity building, access to finance, monitoring and evaluation. This programme is in collaboration with the Abia State Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Diamond Bank Plc. The fund so far assessed from Diamond Bank Plc is Nineteen Million Naira (N19, 000, 000.00).

Client:World Bank/ Federal Government of Nigeria
Assignment Name: Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Project.
Brief Description: We are Business Development Services Providers to execute the project in Abia State. It entails development of  entrepreneurial skills of MSMEs in the State

Client:Africa Project Development Facility (APDF)
Assignment Name: Business Improvement Programme for Indigenous Contractors (BIPIC)
Brief Description: The International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnered with SPDC and Diamond Bank Plc to establish a credit facility to provide medium term loans for capital expenditure to contractors working for SPDC in the Niger Delta.  To complement the credit facility, APDF worked on a capacity building programme to build the capacity of contractors to enable them move up the value chain to offer higher and better quality services and to position them to effectively use and service any loans they receive.   We were able to successfully train over 200 participants in the pilot phase of the programme.
Assignment Name:     Facilitation of International  Workshop on Packaging SME Projects  for Financing on behalf of Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) and Africa Project Development Facility (APDF)
Brief Description:   International  Workshop on Packaging SME Projects  for Financing on behalf of Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) and Africa Project Development Facility (APDF)
Assignment Name:  Facilitation of Capacity Building on Highly Effective Business Writing.
Brief Description:    Capacity Building on Highly Effective Business Writing organized by APDF.

Client: Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) and Nigerian Agip Exploration Ltd. (NAE)
Assignment Name: Development Programme for NAOC/ NAE/ AENR Indigenous Contractors “Phase 4”
Brief Description: We were commissioned to train NAOC and NAE Indigenous Contractors using the International Finance Corporation's SME Management Solutions (Business Edge (BE) and SME Toolkit)